It has been a busy time and it is now coming to the end of a full on 6 month period for me.

The conference, then writing conference paper, getting reviewed, and peer reviewing…. along with teaching and a new management role…wow alot can happen in 6 months. The project for end of year went well to start with then just kind of fizzzzed to a slow end. Still waiting to see if any take up has occurred. Using the iPad and iPhone has been a learning process. iPad building my own publication went well, but extremely slow in the teaching side…. and iPhone uploading to the net was done at work. Good to see the results and will be posting this for MOBCoP group.

The GDCoP group need some more refinement before roll out in 2013 but at least I know what works and what does not work now…. all good practice… thanks Tom for his assistance.

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Karol presenting at 10th International Conference of the Book

Karol presenting at 10th International Conference of the Book

20 minute presentation with 20 minutes discussion on very emotional topic of “the death of the book” in the digital age.

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JUNE – A Busy time

It has been a very busy time for me in June and only now coming out the other end.

Have prepared and delivered my presentation to the 10th International Conference of the Book. Many people had iPad and iPhones at the venue, but no digital hook up for presenting via these devices, so had to use my own apple Mac – just as well I took it. 

Good to get back into the meetings today with the GDCoP group who attended: Tom, Lesley (Chair) Stuart, Nancy, Logan and Greg.


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Letterpress iPad app

Letterpress iPad app

Letterpress App and showing work from student work.

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Letterpress iPhone / iPad app

Letterpress iPhone / iPad app

Handy APP for students to see initial letterpress samples

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First app to use to view traditional letterpess printing

First app to use to view traditional letterpess printing

Links to Letterpress machine in WE705 at AUT University School of Art + Design

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Hello world!

Welcome to!

Well I have gone and done it now… must commit to writing something at least once a week. Started a spread sheet of what I am doing and what activity is working. This will of course take time before I can generate enough information to post here for others in the MOBCOP > MOBile Community Of Practice; CFLAT; Tablet Fellowship to view.

So Thom will be happy to see something is started. View the picture of my own digital letterpress machine. Old tech viewed on new tech.


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